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Latest Update

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We are excited to announce the latest update to the Algodoo game, version 2.5.0! Our team has been working tirelessly to improve the app's performance, stability and functionality for our users. In this update, we have introduced new features, addressed known issues and improved overall usability. Read on for a detailed overview of what's new in the Algodoo app.

New Features

  1. Customizable User Interface: Users now have the ability to customize their workspace by rearranging panels, resizing windows and changing theme colors to suit their preferences.
  2. Improved Physics Engine: The update includes an enhanced physics engine that offers more realistic simulations and improved collision detection for complex objects.
  3. Autosave Functionality: The app now automatically saves your work at regular intervals to prevent data loss in case of unexpected crashes or power outages.
  4. Multi-touch Support: Users can now interact with multiple objects simultaneously using multi-touch gestures on supported devices.
  5. Built-in Tutorials: A new set of interactive tutorials has been added to help users get started with Algodoo quickly and easily.
  6. New Scripting Functions: This update introduces several new scripting functions that allow users to create more advanced and dynamic simulations.
  7. High-Resolution Image Export: Users can now export scenes as high-resolution images for use in presentations or other applications.